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The UnionOcel company specializes in effective solutions to improve abrasion resistance and offers a complex proposal to increase the lifetime of machinery equipment.

We are ready to deal with our customers' requirements to reduce production costs and offer COROPLATE, composite wear resistant plates, CORTHAL flux cored wires, THALOY and CORTHAL thermal spray coatings and COROSINT special sintered stripe electrodes.

In the vast majority of cases, usage of the aforementioned materialsextends the life expectancy of production machinery equipment as much as four times compared to the more commonly used abrasion-resistant steel materials, (e.g. XAR, Durostat, Dillidur, Hardox, etc.), thus significantly reducing the costs for repairs and increasing the efficiency of working and manufacturing processes.

The most common areas of application include:
  • SMELTING WORKS sorters, trays (it depends on what they smelt …)
  • POWER PLANTS coal, dust and ashes conveying
  • CEMENT PLANTS crushers, chutes
  • BRICKWORKS excavator buckets
  • QUARRIES chutes, excavator buckets
  • GRAVEL PLANTS loaders

When solving problems related to abrasion it does not apply that there would be a single universal material for all the equipment. In orther words, abrasion resistance is not a material property it is a system feature. This means that for each system there is a unique material and technical solution..

In our proposal we apply our broad experience and network of referees, and when communicating to you, we look for options, which would result in a significant reduction of your costs..

For more information please contact our colleague:

Jiří Zedník Tel: +420 556 209 913
Mail: zednik@unionocel.com

COROPLATE composite plates

COROPLATE Composite plates are produced by special π - welding method (powder injection.) This enables to delivery plates with a flatness guaranteed in accordance with EN10029 and the range of hardness up to 68 HRC. All plates are also supplied with an inspection certificate EN10204/3.1. This provides the possibility of its application in variety of industrial uses.

Standard plate sizes available in stock

large: 1400 x 2900

midsized: 1150 x 2400

Standard plate thicknesses available in stock

3+3, 5+3, 6+4, 8+5, 10+5, 15+5, 10+5+5, 15+5+5

(base material + overlay)

Base materials

Structural: S235JRG2 or S355J2G3

Boiler metal sheets: P265GH, 16Mo3, 13CrMo4-5

Cold forming

Coroplate metal sheets are suitable also for cold forming

Bending: the minimal rolled diameter achievable is 250 mm.

Segment bending: large radius tools need to be used

Ready made structures

Plates can be used for the production of:

  • welded structures
  • piping (from the diameter of 400mm)
  • troughs
  • pressed segments of screw blades
  • branching chutes
  • fans
  • screens

BASIC QUALITIES for abrasion, impact and high temperatures

COROPLATE® 55π 4,5–5 26,5–28,5 60–62 HRC
COROPLATE® 56π 4,5–6 28,5–32 60–62 HRC
COROPLATE® 143π 4,5–5,5 28,5–32 Nb 0,8–1,3 % 60–62 HRC
COROPLATE® 60 3,5–4,5 20–22 Nb 5,5–6,5 % 60–62 HRC
COROPLATE® 143T 4,5–5 30–32 Mo 2,5–3 % 61–63 HRC
COROPLATE® 68π 4–5 32–37,5 B 1–1,8 % 66–68 HRC

For more information please contact our colleague:

Jiří Zedník
tel: +420 724 016 688 / zednik@unionocel.com

Sintered stripe electrodes

A special sintered tape (electrode) enables:

  • a large scale of alloying thanks to the production of powder metallurgy method
  • tailor made alloying according to a precise specification of customer
  • high flashing performance when applying the UP method
  • precise alloying specification (the chemical data of the wire composition correspond to the chemical composition of the hard deposit in the 1st layer already, thanks to the high speed and low intermixing)
  • economic production of small batched from approx. 50 kg

Standard dimensions and packaging

60 x 0.6 mm (weight of reel: max. 65 kg)

30 x 0.6 mm (weight of reel: max. 32 kg)

For more information please contact our colleague:

Jiří Zedník
tel: +420 724 016 688 / zednik@unionocel.com

Thermal spray coatings

We offer:

  • wires for electric arch and flame spray coatings
  • processing of technology, optimization and development of spray coats in our own application centre in Thale
  • on spray coating, performing metallography and an REM/EDX electron microscopy
  • performing a spray coat tensile test in accordance with ASTM C633
  • deliveries of small quantities of wires as well (up to 30 kg))

For more information please contact our colleague:

Jiří Zedník
tel: +420 724 016 688 / zednik@unionocel.com

Corthal flux core wires

We offer the broadest selection of wires ranging from diameters of 1.2 - 4.0 mm for hard surfacing:

OA (open-arc): without a protective gas
G (gas): with a protective gas
UP (under powder): under a fluxing agent

Quality groups:

  • austenitic welding wires (used as an interlayer or cold hardening materials)
  • martensitic wires
  • Fe-Cr basis hard surface wires
  • hard surface wires for extreme abrasion on a Wolfram carbide basis
  • wires on the basis of Ni and Co


Coils of 15 kg
Coils of 25 kg
Barrels of 250 kg

For more information please contact our colleague:

Jiří Zedník
tel: +420 724 016 688 / zednik@unionocel.com

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