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Abrasion resistance is not only related to the hardness of the steel as delivered. Its resulting operating properties are significantly influenced mainly by the composition of the material and its structure.

CREUSABRO® steel differ significantly from classic low-alloy, abrasion-resistant martensitic steel sheets. CREUSABRO® material has been designed to provide a cost-effective combination of wear and tear resistance and ease of manufacture.

The original chemical composition and manufacturing process of CREUSABRO® material offers a unique combination of characteristic metallurgical properties that, compared to traditional materials, extend the lifespan of parts subject to wear and tear in critical applications.

Creusabro® Superten
Creusabro® 4800
Creusabro® 8000
Creusabro® Dual
Creusabro® M
1) Surface hardness after hardening during operation

CREUSABRO ® mining solutions and handling of bulk materials

Mining, transportation and handling of bulk materials are the basis of the operation of mines, quarries and mineral processing in general. Hard minerals and strong impacts are often the cause of high wear. CREUSABRO® materials extend the life span of critical components and help prevent costly machine downtime. Load capacity and weight are also important aspects of mobile machines. The lower thicknesses of CREUSABRO® materials required to achieve the same life span as standard water-hardened metal sheets enable significant weight savings and increased load capacity (usability) of the machines.

CREUSABRO® solution for crushing and sieving

Mineral processing includes a wide range of technologies for separation and sorting. In operations in which larger and fine particles of different materials are processed, high wear occurs due to the combined effect of strong impacts, compressive loads and slippage of the abrasive particles. CREUSABRO® prevents excessive wear and ensures smooth and cost-effective operation of industrial machinery.

CREUSABRO® solution for cement plants and industrial applications

The industrial transformation of extracted minerals usually involves high-temperature processes that only aggravate the effect of abrasion. CREUSABRO® material is suitable for all types of abrasion, dry and wet environments and for operating temperatures up to 450 °C. Power plants, iron and steel plants, cement plants, asphalt or glass industries - in all these areas you can take advantage of the unique properties of our abrasion and high temperature resistant CREUSABRO® steel.

CREUSABRO® solution for demolition, waste and recycling

Waste recycling plays an increasingly important role in modern economies as a way to reduce the consumption of natural resources and energy. Robust demolition machines or machines for waste processing and recycling are exposed to very demanding operating conditions. Abrasion and fatigue are often caused by high cyclic stress during these operations. CREUSABRO® materials offer a unique combination of wear resistance, toughness, cracking resistance and fatigue strength.

CREUSABRO® and processing options in the UnionOcel Kopřivnice service centre

In our warehouse and service centre in Kopřivnice we offer the following options:

  • delivery of sheets in thicknesses of 3–60 mm, in storage formats with a width of 1,000–2,500 mm and lengths of up to 8,000 mm
  • we provide cutting using laser, plasma or oxyacetylene torch
  • production of bent and machined components

When designing, we use our rich experience and references, and when communicating with you, we look for opportunities to significantly save your money.

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