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toughcore® is a brand of Voestalpine Grobblech GmbH and defines new as-delivered condition of thermomechanically rolled heavy plates with unique combinations of thickness, strength, excellent toughness, and best weldability.

Outstanding toughness to the core

toughcore® heavy plates provide outstanding toughness even to the core for very challenging operating conditions such as those at very low temperatures and in the ultra-deep sea.

toughcore® heavy plates create higher safety standards and enhance the potential for the use of heavy plates in linepipe applications, offshore structures, LNG and LPG, penstocks, cranes and equipment in the mining industry.

Unique advantages for your business

  • Higher levels of safety
  • Exploration of extreme regions
  • Cost savings
  • Increased productivity
  • Best weldability

Customized solutions for your business

Extremely low arctic temperatures, highest pressures in the ultra-deep sea or the most stringent requirements on toughness, strength and plate thickness: toughcore®

is the answer to the most adverse conditions. Together we meet the demands of highly complex applications and push the limits toward new dimensions in the linepipe, offshore, energy storage and transportation as well as construction and machinery industries.

toughcore® for linepipe

  • Higher levels of operational safety
  • Increased capacity of pipeline and auxiliary equipment
  • Optimized manufacturing processes
  • High strength for decreased weight and cost
  • Linepipe plates for extremely low temperatures and the ultra-deep sea

toughcore® for offshore

  • Protect arctic offshore structures against ice loads and collisions
  • Optimize the design of components and structures
  • Light-weight design to reduce cost of manufacturing, transportation and installation
  • Explore harshest environments

toughcore® for energy storage and transportation

  • Benefit from best weldability by choosing toughcore® TMCP plates instead of QT material
  • Reduce costs by replacing expensive Nickel steel with toughcore® TMCP plates

toughcore® for construction and machinery industries

  • Used in structures and machines at very low application temperatures
  • Benefit from the superior weldability of toughcore® TMCP plates as compared to QT material

toughcore® and options of its processing
in the Service Centre of UnionOcel Kopřivnice

The following options are available in our Storage & Service Centre in Kopřivnice:

  • sheet metal in thickness 8–140 mm, storage formats 2,000–3,000 mm wide and up to 16,000 mm long can be delivered
  • cut parts produced on laser, plasma, or oxyacetylene cutting machines
  • production of bent and machined components
  • S 355 / 420 / 460 ML toughcore®
  • alform® plate 355 / 420 / 460 M toughcore®
  • Outstanding toughness even to the core (up to 140 mm plate thickness)
  • durostat 400/450 toughcore®
  • Wear-resistant steels with especially high toughness and best processing properties

For more information please contact our colleague:

Tomáš Rojt Tel.: +420 251 013 015
Mail: rojt@unionocel.com
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